Find Free Agents

Finding free agents inside the fantasy assistant is easy and powerful.  

Find Free Agents automatically shows 3 potential free agent aquisitions that may be worth a look.  These are generated based on how your current player's are performing and the free agent pool.  The top 3 free agents is updated at least once per day, so check back often.  The stats listed are customized based on your fantasy league settings.

The Top 3 Free Agents offers each player's season stats, projections, or latest news.  

Check out our Waiver Research Buttons to find free agents:

  1. Find free agents based on Projections.
  2. Find Free agents based on past performance and trends, which we call our Waivers section.
  3. Find free agents based on Trends.
Your Worst Players

Before diving into the free agent research pool, we also list the top 3 worst players on your team.  Do these players line up to the player's you thought were the weakest?  The Top 3 Worst Players can be starters, bench players, or players on injured reserve.  Use this knowledge when searching for free agents and setting your lineup.