How Do Waiver Wire Suggestions Work?

Waiver Wire Suggestions work by analyzing your current player's performance against the free agent pool.  You can find waiver wire suggestions after selecting your team inside the Fantasy Assistant and clicking on a player. The Fantasy Assistant will then show you player's who are outperforming your current player.  

Low Risk Suggestions analyze a shorter period of time and present you with players who have performed better lately.

High Risk Suggestions analyze a longer period of time and present you with players who have performed even better.

Category Based Suggestions narrow in on specific categories so you can fine tune your team.  These are compared against your current player and show you a list of free agents who are performing better in this specific category.  These work great for rotiserrie leagues.

We highly recommend that you watch the following videos that walk you through using the fantasy assistant, including waiver wire suggestions:

  1. Watch an Overview of the Fantasy Assistant.
  2. Watch How to use Waiver Wire Suggestions.
  3. Watch How to use the Trade Research Center.