My Roster Analysis

Understanding Roster Analysis is critical when it comes to selecting your lineup for FanDuel or DraftKings. We support the NFL, MLB, NFL, and NBA.

1. Player Information

Player information is listed for each selected player on your roster.  It includes his salary, position, team, and schedule information.  Mousing over the schedule will show more detailed information, such as his latest starts this past week or the difficulty of his scheduled matchup.  Keep in mind that each sport may look slightly different.

2. Trust

Each player is assigned a trust rating of 1/100, with 100 being completely trustworthy.  The trustworthyness of a player provides an indication on the chances this player will meet or exceed his fantasy expectations.  Use the trust rating to help set your lineup, perform trades, or help deal with the waiver wire.

Would you rather start a player you can't trust that has big week potential, or a safer player who has a low ceiling but puts up consistent numbers?  Ideally you would like to see all players in your starting lineup to have a 70%+ chance of meeting their expectations.  Players with low trust, especially in fantasy football, means that you may be taking a huge risk.  

A player may show up as N/A if there has not been enough games played or it's early in the season.  Sooner or later, all players will be assigned a rating when they meet the games played quota.

3. Estimated Points

The fantasy assistant automatically tallies estimated points for the day based on our projections and your current roster.  This will change as you add/remove players.

4. Player Projections

Player projections provide a detailed account on what to expect from this player based on the fantasy week or day.  These are calculated based off our algorithm and they are updated several times throughout the day.  Player projections also take into account the difficulty of matchups.  The number next to each player in blue and white indicate their expected fantasy points.

5. Schedule Matchups

Each player listed has a detailed schedule based on their matchups for the current week or day.  

Some players will have shaded categories of Red and Green, which indicates how much better or worse this player is likely to perform based on his opponent.  A dark Green or dark Red indicates that his performance could be impacted by as much as 30%.  We factor this data into our projections, but also show you to provide a quick glance that your weekly/daily matchups.

6. Lineup Options  (Pay feature)

We offer ways to easily reset your roster, create a new lineup, or delete your current lineup.

7. Optimal Lineup (Pay feature)

The Fantasy Assistant is smart enough to set the optimal lineup of the day based on our projections model, remaining salary, and remaining roster slots.

One of the best ways to utilize this feature is to select the positions that you are confident in, and then let the Fantasy Assistant fill in the slots you are less confident in.  Or, if you just want to see an optimal lineup of the day, then press the button with an empty roster and see what happens.

This feature is constantly being improved and is incredibly valuable for setting winning lineups.