Selecting Players

Selecting players is grouped by position and is then sorted by their estimated points for the day or week.  Depending on your sport, you will be presented with a similar screen such as this...

1. Start Times & Remaining Salary

You can modify the listing of players based on start times of the day or week.  Remaining Salary indicates how much money you have left to spend.

2. Adding Players

You'll notice that colors may change for the add player button.  Gray indicates you cannot afford the player or all slots are full.  Gray with a green plus indicates you already selected this player.  A red button indicates you can add this player.

3. Projections

Each player will have detailed Projections across various categories, as shown above.  You can sort by any of these categories, including salary or value.  Value indicates which player has the best bang for their buck. 

4. Players

All players list their scheduled matchup, name, and team.  Mouse over the scheduled matchup to see a detailed account of previous weeks or strength of opponent.  Mousing over a player name will bring up their latest news.