Trade Suggestions & Trade Research Overview

The Trade Research Center provides various ways to help you formulate potential trades.  The first area provides historical positional ratings to show where your team ranks compared to the rest of the league.  These boxes can be RED, ORANGE, or GREEN.  Ideally you want as many green boxes as possible because it indicates you are among the best in the league.

The second area will provide in-depth insights into those positional ratings across the entire league.  You can utilize these rankings to formulate trades based on a team's strongest and weakest positions.  To view a team's positional players, click on "show players".

Trade Suggestions

Trade Suggestions are available for NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB fantasy leagues.  The goal is to generate trades that have a chance of being accepted by other teams based on your team's needs and player's on the trading block.

Step 1: Add players to the trading block.

Step 2: Add the needs of your team.

Step 3: Generate trades by pressing the refresh button.

The Analyze Trade buttons will show you an in-depth statistical analysis across various categories on the impact of this trade to both fantasy teams.

Read our blog post to learn more tips and tricks about the Trade Research Center.