What is the Fantasy Feed?

The Fantasy Feed is personalized and important news regarding your fantasy league and team.  We keep track of important things such as Player News, Waivers Trends, Roster Trends, Hot/Cold Streaks, league transactions, and more!  Expect us to add more functionality and features as time goes on.

You're feed should look similar to what is shown below...


What Makes the Fantasy Feed Special?

The Fantasy Feed tells the story of your team.  You can miss an entire week of fantasy news and view the feed and understand what is going on.  If important injury news hits about one of your players, then rest assured it'll be shown in the Fantasy Feed and you can react accordingly.

Does Everyone Have Access to it?

Yes.  All members of FantasySP have access to the Fantasy Feed.  However, it is a premium product and is meant to be used in conjunction with the Fantasy Assistant.  Free members have limited functionality compared to what a paying member has.

What about Mobile?

The Fantasy Feed can also be found on our mobile website and will look very similar to the desktop version.